Dharampreet (Punjabi: ਧਰਮਪ੍ਰੀਤ) was a well known Punjabi singer from Punjab, India. He Started his Career in 1993 with a solo album Khatra ha Sohneya Nu. So Far Has he has Release 12 Sollo and 6 Dutes Albums. He committed suicide on June 8, 2015 at his residence in Bhatinda cantt. He was known as the King of Punjabi Sad Songs.

Background information
Birth name Bhupinder Dharma
Born Bilaspur, Moga district,Punjab, India
Died Bathinda
Genres Punjabi folk and pop, Duet
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1993-2015
Labels Payal Music, Amar Audio,Goyal Music

Early life and career

Dharampreet hailed from Bilaspur town near Moga in Indian Punjab.[1] He entered the world of Punjabi music in 1993 as Bhupinder Dharma with his album Khatra Hai Sohanya Nu that was released by Payal Music Company. Later his album, Dil Naal Khed’di Rahi, released by Goyal Music Company in 1997, made him a star overnight. This album sold over 23 lac copies. His later albums, Ajj Sada Dil Torh ta, Aina Kade Vi Nahi Roya and Parh Satgur Di Bani (religious) made a lot of profit for music companies. He gave many hit songs with Kuldeep Rasila.


Till 2013 he has released So many albums including solos and duets with Sudesh Kumari and Miss Pooja. His first album Khatra hai Sohenya nu [1993] released under the Name Bhupinder Dharma but After that he change his media name Dharampreet.

  • Khatra Hai Sohanya Nu [1993]
  • Dil Naal Khed’di Rahi [1997]
  • Ajj Sada Dil Torh ta [1998]
  • Tutte Dil Nahi Jurhde [2000]
  • Darr Lagda Vichhran Ton [2001]
  • Aina Kade Vi Nahi Roya
  • Dil Kise Hor Da
  • Saun Dian Jharhian (Duet) [2006]
  • Tutiya tdhak kar Ke (Duet) [2006]
  • Desi Masti (Duet) [2008]
  • Class Fellow (Duet) [2010]
  • Emotions of heart [2012]
  • Parh Satgur Di Bani [1999]
  • Je Rabb Milje [2000]

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