Jaswinder Brar

Jaswinder Brar (born 8 September 1973) is a Punjabi folk singer. She sings Punjabi folk and Bhangra and known as the Folk Queen. She is known for her stage shows and is called Akharheya Di Rani.She is specially known for her Lok Tatths. She started her career with the album named “Keemti Cheez” in 1990.



Brar was born on 8 September 1973 to Baldev Singh and Narinder Kaur to a Punjabi Jatt family in Mandi Kalanwali.

She got married on 19 May 2000 to Ranjit Singh Sidhu and took a break for about two years from singing. She is mother of a daughter.her daughter name is jashan. she is studying at xaviers

Awards and honors

Among her awards, she is honored with the “Shromani Punjabi Lok Gaaiki Award 2010″ in November; she is the 12th to receive that award. She received others including Sangeet Samrat award on Prof. Mohan Singh Mela. She was nominated for the ETC Channel Punjabi’s music awards 2006, for “Best Folk Oriented Vocalist (Female)” (for her song “Mirza”) and “Best Oriented Folk Album (Female)” (for her album Gallan Pyar Dian) and awarded as best folk voacalist female 2006.


Jaswinder Brar posing for her album Jiunde Rehn

She started her career with the album named “Keemti Cheez” in 1990 and released several albums since then. Here are some of her top albums.List of albums:

  • Keemti Cheez
  • Khulla Akharha
  • Ranjha Jogi Ho Gia
  • Akhara
  • Ishq Mohabbat Yaari
  • Dooja Akhara
  • Itt Khrakka (comedy album)
  • Goonjda Akhara
  • Bol Kalaihria Mora
  • Jhalla Dil Waajan Maarda
  • Rondi Nu Hor Rava Ke
  • Teri Yaad Sataave
  • Main Teri Jann Gherungi
  • Main Tan Tainu Yaad Kardi
  • Gallaan Pyar Dian
  • Pyar – The Colors of Love (02 Nov. 2010)
  • Jeonde Rehn (blockbuster album) (2014)
  • Amritsar Nu Challiye
  • Guraan Nu Milna Ae

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