Jojar S Dhinsa

Jojar Singh Dhinsa is a British businessman, born in Coventry.At age 29, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants mentioned an estimate of £40 million in 2004.Dhinsa is reported to have said that he was told by his sixth form teacher that he would, “Achieve nothing”.

arly life

Dhinsa was the youngest of 6 children and raised by Punjabi parents, Joginder and Gurmej Dhinsa who came to Britain from India in the 1960s. Both of Dhinsa’s parents were illiterate, and Dhinsa was dyslexic which contributed to his sixth-form teacher, former Education Secretary Estelle Morris declaring her belief that Dhinsa would be a ‘nobody’. Whilst still at school, he set about starting a business using scrap lawn mower components that he found discarded, and selling them for a profit. He had made £500,000 by the time he was 16 without missing a day of school.


Dhinsa was nominated in the businessman category for the Sikh Awards which were held on October 10, 2010.He has also been listed in Debrett’s People of Today.

In The Media

Coventry takeover

In 2004 Dhinsa had National news coverage amidst discussions with Coventry City Football Club with a bid to takeover the club, with backing from Russian oil investors. Some of the media raised questions regarding the accuracy of the statements released by Dhinsa, and the Coventry Chairman Mike McGinnity offered criticism of Dhinsa’s media statements concerning the takeover of the club and stated that did not believe a bid was ever possible. No agreement was reached with the club.

Other coverage

In 2006, Dhinsa was included in a Discovery Channel programme about Europe’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Charity Work

In June 2006, Dhinsa was a sponsor along with others such as including Prince Charles and Lord Robin Russell of Mark Shand’s Elephant Family charity at a fundraising ball.The ball had a 340 strong A-list guest list including Kate Moss and Stephen Fry.