Kulwinder Billa

Personal Details :

Name : kulwinder billa

Education details : Graduation from S.D college , barnala with music then M.A from Punjabi university with music. He has also done M.Phill .

Occupation : Punjabi singer, Actor.

Current city : mohali

Hometown : Mansa

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Birthday Details
The born singer lives in Fer Toh in Punjab (India). Birthdate: between the 80’s and 90’s. Fir track released in the year of 2012 named Koi Khaas. Inspired by famous Indian acteurs to start singing like Gurdas Maan. In our investigation and information we have concluded that the singer is at the moment unmarried (single). One of his best debut songs which made his so popular over the world are: Sangdi Sangdi, TimeTable and Sucha Soorma.
Kulwinder Billa is a rising singer in punjabi industry. He has a melodious voice and his songs fits the demands of the punjabi audiences.  He has superb vocal qualities. Ace and reputed punjabi singer, Gurdas Maan was so much impressed by his singing that he says that he is a fan of Kuwinder Billa.  He has learnt art of music from his guru Ravinandan jii. He used to pay a sum of Rs. 200 for learning music. Kulwinder says that he never knew that he would become a professional singer one day, but yes used to sing in the youth music festivals. “I had won a gold medal for that

Regarding his launch song he says, ” I had a professor who said that I sing really good and therefore, I should record a song. I just had shot a dummy of the song. To the surprise the song indeed came out very well.” I saved the dummy in  my mobile and made few CD’s of the same.” “I had a Motorola phone. So I sent the song to my friend via Bluetooth. Eventually the song spread via Bluetooth and  became popular.” “You can’t say that I am a Youtube singer, I can say I am a Bluetooth Singer.” He ends laughing. “My Life has changed with a very short time frame”. “People started guessing the song that had spread through the Bluetooth. Someone said its a song by Firoz Khan Someone said its Gurdas Maan. So, i felt i needed to do something”.

“One friend of mine knew how to operate Orkut. So, He made an edited video with me in parts lipsing the song.” and posted on orkut. The song was highly successful and recieved around 2 Lakh Views back in 2007.” “My parents have supported me to the fullest. I have done Ba , Ma Mcom and PhD and my parents have always supported me through my journey”. Kulwinder billa after 2007 , reappeared in the punjabi cinema after 3 years with the album , “Koi Khaas”“I was highly overwhelmed when Gurdas maan sir praised me . He offered me a chance to perform live with him . We sang on the song ‘Mud Duniya Vich aaya ‘. It was a great experience.”

Kulwinder Billa Songs :-

1- Time Table
2- DJ Vajda
3- Chakkwein Suit
4- Punjab
5- Sangdi Sangdi
6- Tayari Haa Di (Colours of Love)
7- Sucha Soorma
8- Kale Rang Da Yaar

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