Lal Chand Yamla Jatt

Lal Chand Yamla Jatt (Punjabi: ਲਾਲ ਚੰਦ ਯਮਲਾ ਜੱਟ), best known simply as Yamla Jatt, was a noted folk singer from Punjab. His trademark was his soft strumming of the tumbi and his turban tying style known traditionally as “Turla”. Many consider him to be the pinnacle of the Punjabi music and an artist who arguably laid the foundation of contemporary music in East Punjab.


Early life

He was born to Khera Ram and Harnam Kaur. His birthplace was Chakk No. 384 in Lyallpur district in Pakistan and after partition of India in 1947 he relocated to the Jawahar Nagar area, Ludhiana in India.He was from Punjabi Khatri community. He was trained in vocal singing by Pandit Dyall and Chaudhry Majid and his writing skills were honed by Sundar Das Aasi. He was married to Ram Rakhi in 1930, with whom he had two daughters and five sons. His eldest son is Kartar Chand and younger one is Jasdev Chand.


His most famous songs were “Das Main Ki Pyar Wichon Khatya” and “Satgur Nanak Teri Leela Nyaari Ae” and “Whisky Di Botal Wargi”. He recorded duet songs with Mohinderjit Kaur Sekhon, who was a recording artist with AIR, Jalandhar. He also popularized singing of Dulla Bhatti, Shahni Kaulan and Puran Bhagat. His first recording was with HMV in 1952 and till last he remained with HMV. He performed all over the world and many times performed with Alam Lohar, they were also good friends. He also popularized theTumbi, a traditional North Indian instrument. His music has been sampled by Punjabi MC on his best-selling bhangra album Legalised.


He was awarded the Gold Medal By Indian Prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956. He was awarded a lifetime contribution award in 1989 by National Academy of Dance, Drama and Music, Delhi, India.


  • Khedan De Din Chaar
  • Jawani Meri Rangli
  • Das Main Ki Pyar Wichon Khatya
  • Mittran Di Maa Marri
  • Tara Pave Boliyan
  • Whiskey Di Botal Wargi
  • Saiyaan Da Kotha
  • Charkhi Rangli Teri
  • Satguru Nanak Teri Leela Neyaari
  • Mein Teri Tu Mera

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