Narinder Biba

Narinder Biba (Punjabi: ਨਰਿੰਦਰ ਬੀਬਾ) was a very well known Punjabi singer from East Punjab. She is known for singing Punjabi folklores, love romances of Punjab like Mirza Sahiban, Sassi Punnun and Sikh historical moments like Saka Sirhind and many more.

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Family and career

She was married to Jaspal Singh Sodhi. A well known Algoza player Beli Ram used to play for her. She is regarded as a respectful folk artist from 1960s to 1990s up to the end of her career. She started her career with very famous singer Jagat singh Jagga, and then her Brothers followed her footsteps Faquir singh faquir Ranbir singh Rana and Amir singh Rana.She use to give chance to new singers and also took some singer who failed test recording on HMV The Great Musical Company of all time unbelievable but tru,e the legend of Kaliya singer Kuldeep Manak and many more who became very famous after performing with her. She recorded duets songs as well with Punjabi singers of their times like Harcharan Grewal, Muhammad Sadiq, Didar Sandhu, Karnail Gill, Ranbir Singh Rana, Gurcharan Pohli, Faqir Singh Faqir and many others and mad them famous in punjabi folk singing. She recorded songs penned by famous lyricist such as Dev Tharikewala, Babu Singh Maan and Inderjeet Hasanpuri among others. She used to organise Mela which used to start with sikh religious prayer ( shree Akahand path) lasting three days ending with thadi Jatha and used to provide free food (langar) three times a day with the help of local politics leader Jaswant singh Jassowal and singers like Surinder Shinda, Sardool Sikandar, Kuldeep Manak, K Deep Jagmohan Kaur, and many more punjabi singers who used to perform for free on the Mela Stage performing free for punjabi culture to remind our people about our (Maa boli) mother tongue punjabi to people and their children who were getting too modern and were feeling ashamed to speak their own language at the time and started following typical western style. She was first Punjabi Singer who took group of singers with Bhangra Group to London, Canada, America, and other European countries and Asian countries and attracted audience who could not even understand Punjabi. Many Singers performers and Actors used to regard her and called her sister (bhenji) or mother ( Maa ji) like Sir Dharmindra, and his cousin brother Varindera who was introduced in his first film (Teri Meri Ik Jindri) which was produced by Inderjit Hassanpuri and her husband Jaspal Singh Sodhi who was silent partner. This film got Film fare award for running over hundred days. She also was awarded for the best singer. Also Gurdas Mann even after being so famous, every time he used to meet her whether it is on stage or on the street he used to dandaut ( holy way of paying respect to god or elder person by laying on your front with straight body on the floor with your hands together and arms stretched forward).

Famous songs

  • Sheher Lahore Ander
  • Wadhaiyan Bibi Tainu
  • Ladoo Khaa Ke Turdi Bani
  • Kall Na Javin Khet Nu
  • Mukh Morh Gye Dilan De Jaani
  • Aah Lai Maaye Sambh Kunjian
  • Paase Hatt Ja Jalma Punjaban Jatti Aayi
  • Chann Mata Gujri da
  • Do Bariyan Keemti Jindan
  • Mata Gujri Nu Devo Ni Wadayian


In every September in Sadiqpur village, a fair, Narinder Biba Yaadgari Sabhiacharak Mela, is organised by the Doaba Sabhiacharak club in her memory.

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