Pjetër Gjoka

Pjetër Gjoka (3 August 1912 – 12 May 1982) was an Albanian movies and theater actor of the 20th century.

He started his theater activity with the amateurial troupes of Shkodër in 1929.In 1947 he started to work as a full-time actor in the National Theater of Albania after his debut in the Army Theater. His first role was in Molière’s Tartuffe. He has interpreted around 90 roles in this theater. and he acted on the scene for around 52 consecutive years, interpreting even when he was almost completely blind. Some of his most achieved roles are those of Kharitonov, Shpend Gjeta, The Old Man (Plaku), MacDonald, Miller, Zabeliku, Klaudi, King Lear, Gjini, Ali Pasha of Gucia, ecc.

In 1961 he was one of the first four actors that were given the title of People’s Artist of Albania. He has also interpreted some artistic movies, creating very strong figures. His last role in the National Theater of Albaniawas that of the Time before the Trial (“Epoka para gjyqit”) drama.

Along with his work as an actor he has also been a screenplayer, a director, and a translator.

Role in movies

  • 1953: The Great Warrior Skanderbeg
  • 1957: Femijet e saj
  • 1958: Tana
  • 1959: Furtuna
  • 1969: Njesit gueril
  • 1970: Gjurma
  • 1975: Gjenerali i ushtrisë së vdekur
  • 1978: I treti
  • 1978: Yje mbi Drin
  • 1981: Në prag të lirisë